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For over three hundred years, Andrija’s Cellars has been affectionately producing wine. The ancestral knowledge and wisdom are paired with modern manufacturing methods, but heritage remains at its core.
Did you know?
🍷 One way to explore Andrija’s Cellars is to take a train ride to explore the vineyards, village, old family home, and museum.
🍷 Andrija’s Cellars is the only winery on HWR that has a Wine Bank, where family, friends, and partners preserve their most valuable bottles for special occasions and future visits.

Fun facts:

Andrija, after whom the winery was named, became independent in 1938 and started the tradition of wine production with his wife Stoja. Continuing the family tradition, his sons opened a new cellar in Paoča in 1995 in his honor.



Since 15th century

Discover the centuries-old tradition of wine production at Tvrdoš Monastery, where the monks preserve the authentic taste of Vranac and Žilavka wines while embracing modern production methods. Visit the old stone cellar and see where Tvrdoš wine is being stored since the 15th century!

Did you know?

🍷 The Tvrdoš Monastery is located at the foot of a mountain next to astonishing Trebišnjica river!
🍷 Part of the tour at the monastery, people can visit the stone cellar where you can find hundred-year-old oak barrels.
🍷 Tvrdoš wines have been awarded silver medals at Decanter, Mundus vini and gold medals in Austria.



Since 1936.

Nestled in the peaceful village of Služanj, this family-run Vinarija Marijanović / Winery Marijanović has been cultivating indigenous varieties since 1936. As you step into their cellars, you are immediately taken on a fascinating journey through modern winemaking technology paired with the unique culture of Herzegovinian wine making. Experience the full pleasure of their delightful wines through a guided tasting and unlock the secrets of this family’s passion for the craft.

Interesting Facts:

🍷 The Marijanović Winery bears witness to four generations who have nurtured two autochthonous Herzegovinian varieties - Žilavka and Blatina.
🍷 The family winery uses domestic auric barrels made of 140-year-old Slavonian oak for top-quality domestic wines.
🍷 The ""33"" wine, produced by the Marijanović winery, is a wonderful example of the family's experience, dedication, and innovation combination of Blatina, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon in equal parts.


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